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How to Maintain Driving Skills

How to Maintain Driving Skills

CAA has gathered information on ways to maintain driving skills, and although the information is intended for seniors, much of it would be helpful for all drivers.  We’ve included information on keeping physically and mentally fit, which may be the most effective way to counter the effects of aging.  We’ve developed a pre-driving checklist that includes tips on adjusting a vehicle – the mirrors and the steering column, for example – to maximize vision and control. And we have gathered information on what to consider when purchasing a vehicle, highlighting features that can help seniors with driving.  

We’ve also included advice on managing challenging driving conditions (like driving at night), and tips on managing specific driving skills that are relevant to senior drivers, such as making left turns. (Statistics show that seniors have more accidents making left turns than any other drivers.) We’ve also put together a comprehensive list of driving refresher courses.

Lastly, CAA has also produced a video series with tips for maintaining driving skills. Have a look!



Fitness & Driving

See how keeping physically and mentally fit can prolong driving life.

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Preparing for a Drive

A comprehensive pre-driving check-list plus tips on buying the right vehicle.

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Driving Skills Review

Advice to help manage slower reaction times, drive more safely at night and in bad weather, and safely execute challenging driving manoeuvres.

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Refresher Courses

Find online, classroom-based, or in-vehicle courses that can help to refresh driving skills and correct bad driving habits.

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