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How Aging Can Affect Driving

How Aging Can Affect Driving

As we age, our physical and mental abilities change, and some of those changes – including our vision, hearing and ability to react quickly – can affect our driving. These changes generally happen very slowly, so it’s important to evaluate them early and often to ensure we understand how our ability to drive is being affected, and then take steps to ensure we can continue to drive safely.  

CAA has gathered tools and information from various experts, including the Canadian Medical Association and Health Canada, that explain the changes that happen as we age, and how they can affect driving skills. The next section contains information and tools that can help drivers compensate for these changes, and may help them to continue driving safely.

Watch CAA’s informative video that explains some of the physical and mental changes that happen as we age. 




As we age, changes to our vision, such as the amount of light we need to see clearly, can affect our ability to drive safely.

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Hearing loss can affect our ability to hear honking horns and emergency vehicles.

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Motor Skills & Reaction Time

Diminishing motor skills and vision changes can affect reaction time.

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