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Adjusting Driving Habits

Adjusting Your Driving Habits

We all know that at some point some of us will have to limit, or even stop, driving on our own. We also know that we can take steps to continue to drive safely longer by being pro-active about our driving. By regularly assessing our driving skills, being realistic about how aging can affect our driving, and taking steps to maintain our driving skills, we can help mitigate the normal physical and mental changes that happen as we age – and prolong our driving life. But we also have to be responsible about knowing our limits, and making changes to our driving habits when warranted.

It is important that you and your loved ones talk on a regular basis about driving safely. Changes happen slowly, but it’s better to adjust driving in increments – if that’s necessary – than to be forced to make drastic changes to driving habits all at once.

Having a conversation about limiting driving doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a conversation that is taking place between two responsible adults – often a parent and an adult child – who love and support each other. Having the conversation early – before there is any impact on driving ability – and often can help to make the process easier and the conversation less emotional.

CAA has gathered advice, and created documents and a video that can help to guide you and your loved ones through this process.  It is infinitely better to be realistic about driving habits than to deal with the potential consequences of ignoring the issue.



Signs that Driving Habits Should Change

Driving test information, common signs that driving skills are declining and when to consult a doctor.

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Talking About it Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Advice for discussions on driving and aging. Read and print off CAA’s Knowing Your Limits conversation guide.

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Alternatives to Driving

Maintain independence with these suggestions for alternative transportation.

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